From one cozy lifestlye afficionado to another

Cozy lifestyle - Image by Martina Kopecká on Pixabay

Discover inspiration for tasty food, self-care and relaxed parenting.

Be a homemaker for your tiny tribe. Be someone who enjoys creating a cozy lifestyle that relaxes mind, body and soul. No matter where, how or with whom you live, if you transform your little patch of the world into a place filled with good food, joy, love and laughter, then you are a homemaker.

To all of you homemakers out there, Mareike’s Cozy Corner is for you!


Inspiration for a cozy lifestyle with your tiny tribe.

Good eating: Tasty Recipes

Discover ideas for healthy meals that nourish your body and soul. Browse delicious soul food recipes to boost your mood from good to amazing.
In other words: Eat well and enjoy the tasty side of life.

Good living: Mom’s Health

The healthier we are as moms (mentally and physically), the better we can take care of our munchkins. This section provides tips to nurture body and mind in the year 0 (the year you became a mom).

Good parenting: Oh baby

Useful tips on how to navigate being pregnant, preparing for a new baby to parenting babies and toddlers. Mareike’s Cozy Corner aims to support first-time parents to figure out their priorities as a family.