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Welcome to my cozy corner! This site is all about good eating and good living. You will find inspiration for tasty food, self-care and relaxed parenting.

My healthy eating recipes are either a healthy tweak on a naughty-but-nice meal favorite or my own ideas for nutricious food. Mareike’s Cozy Corner, however, also features soul food, as I strongly believe that in order to truly live well, we need to allow ourselves to indulge without regrets. Healthy living is about body AND soul and therefore we should treat ourselves sometimes. Since life is more than just good food, this site also aims to give you hands-on inspiration on how to handle living with your tiny tribe (aka being a parent) and DIY wellbeing tips for a happier and healthier you.

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Discover recipes for Healthy Eating and tasty Soul Food. As someone who wants to eat and live healthy all while enjoying the tasty side of life, my recipes focus on easy and mostly quick-to-prepare meals that provide you with great nutricious value and taste. Love yourself fiercely and treat yourself kindly with the ideas featured on Wellbeing.

The Parenting section provides you with useful tips on how to navigate through being mom and dad. Mareike’s Cozy Corner aims to support first-time parents to figure out their priorities as a family and how to make smart decisions for raising a little one – from money and soul saving hacks, to practical tips on how to keep your cool. The healthier we are as moms (mentally and physically), the better we are able to take care of our munchkins, therefore Mareike’s Cozy Corner provides tips for moms to nurture our bodies and mind in the year 0 (the year you became a mom) in the Mom’s Health section.

Be a homemaker. Be someone who enjoys creating a cozy lifestyle that relaxes mind, body and soul. No matter where, how or with whom you live, if you transform your little patch of the world into a place filled with good food, joy, love and laughter, then you are a homemaker. To all of you homemakers out there, Mareike’s Cozy Corner is for you!

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