Oh baby, baby: Apps for nursing and diaper-changing locations

Apps for nursing and diaper-changing locations

Sooner or later it will happen to you. You are casually strolling through the city and your mini-me starts crying because he’s hungry and/or in need of a diaper change. And while some people are completely comfortable to feed or change their baby wherever, such as the nearest park bench, others prefer a bit more privacy and/or for weather-related reasons (like rain or snow) you anyhow want to be somewhere indoors. A lot of stores and cafés offer nursing and/or diaper-changing spots that are a bit secluded and private, where you can tend to your baby without being in the public eye. In Germany, for instance, the drugstore chain DM offers diaper-changing stations with free diapers in almost all of their facilities and a breast-feeding corner in a growing number of their stores all across the country. Obviously it would be impossible to memorize all of the spots that might be suitable for your baby’s primary needs, but as we are living in the digital era there are really great apps for that which show you the nearest breast-feeding or diaper-changing spots available in your near vicinity. Since we live in Germany, I use the App BabyPlaces, for instance.  A solution like that can seriously help you keep your sanity. I compiled a little list of such apps and the countries for which they are available. All apps listed are free and work for iOS and Android phones unless otherwise stated. Most of them are based on user-generated content, so each mom (or dad for that matter) can add and rate new locations that are suitable.

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