Crustless broccoli quiche


Yes, a good crust can make or break a great quiche. Unlike a lot of recipes that use either cream or milk though, this one mixes milk and sour cream, which gives it a nice fluffy texture. This crustless broccoli quiche is perfectly suited for meal prepping, as quiche somehow tastes even better when reheated.

Crustless broccoli quiche recipe

Servings: 8  *  Calories per servings: 160 kcal  *  Preparation time: 10 min  *  Start to finish time till serving: 50 min


  • 1 head of broccoli
  • 10 slices of bacon
  • 4 ounces /1 cup (125 grams) of grated sharp cheddar
  • 4 eggs
  • 4 ounces/½ a cup (125 ml) of whole fat milk
  • 4 ounces/½ a cup (110 ml) of sour cream
  • ½ a teaspoon of garlic powder
  • ½ a teaspoon of granulated onions
  • ½ a teaspoon of ground pepper
  • ½ a teaspoon of salt

Preheat the oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit/175 degrees Celsius. Start by laying your bacon slices in a cold pan and then bring the pan to medium heat. Do not put bacon in a hot pan – if the bacon heats with the pan, you ensure that any excess grease can escape the slices. Once they have reached the desired level of crispiness, so after 5 to 6 minutes, take them out of the pan and lay them on a paper towel to soak up the grease. Chop them into smaller bits. Meanwhile, heat the broccoli florets in a pot of water for 5 minutes. As for the filling, whisk the eggs, sour cream and milk and add garlic, onion, salt and pepper. Afterwards, add the grated cheddar to the mix. You might wonder why I use garlic and onion in granulated form. I prefer it for quiche recipes, as the powder is superior to the diced up version because it’s able to better and more fully penetrate the filling and also gives it a milder flavor overall.

Place the broccoli in a casserole dish and drizzle the crumbled bacon on top. Then pour the filling evenly on top and place the dish in the oven. Bake it for 30 minutes and let it cool and sink down for 10 minutes.

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