Jack-in-the-box for dinner – Pulled BBQ jackfruit burger


Most of you probably know jack-in-the-box. It looks like nothing more than just a box with a crank, but once you turn the crank, a melody starts to play and the eventually – surprise – a clown pops out of the box. While I can’t guarantee that a melody will start to play, when you bite into this burger, rest assured, you will be surprised. While it might sound odd at first to use a fruit in combination with BBQ sauce and even more odd to turn the whole thing into a pulled BBQ burger combo, jackfruit has the same texture like meat. It is the closest thing nature has to offer in terms of a vegetarian option to pulled pork, beef or chicken. When I first prepared this recipe, I was completely mindblown. Jackfruits are a fruit from Nothern India, which are low in calories, but fiber rich.

Pulled BBQ jackfruit burger recipe

Servings: 2 * Calories: 421 kcal * Preparation time: 20 min * Start to finish: 30 min


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