Smoothie compilation


Don’t we all love it if things go smooth? I sure do. Smooth like a smoothie. They are really smart additions to your diet as they allow you to make sure you eat your greens and get all the vitamins and minerals that you need without having to munch through an entire mountain of food. Plus you are able to sneak vegetables into your smoothie that you might otherwise have a hard time getting down your throat. For me that’s kale. I like it in smoothies, but I really wouldn’t ever eat it in a salad. I usually have a smoothie for breakfast on weekdays. I started this habit 8 years ago and ever since then, I am really hooked. Besides the fact that smoothies taste good, I love the fact that I start the day with a meal that is full of healthy and nutricious goodies.

This recipe collection includes a total of ten different smoothies, from spicy to sweet, from green to purple to red to orange, from full meal to small snack. My personal all time favorites are the PBJ smoothie and the good morning smoothie.

If the recipe asks for protein powder, make sure to use one that is low on sugar. A lot of products are loaded with sugar and thereby kind of defeat the healthy eating approach you are taking by having a smoothie.

Smoothie Recipe

Let’s smooth things over!

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