4th of July – Holiday food special


All-American eats to celebrate independence day

America embodies diversity like no other nation does. Diversity of people for sure, but also the incredible diversity in food. Not only can you find basically any cuisine from any culture around the world thanks to all kinds people migrating to the US from around the globe and bringing their tastiest food with them, you can find the whole range of those international dishes – from truly authentic down to the T to options with an American twist. Think Spagetti Bolognese vs. Spagetti with meat balls. Moreover, the United States in and by itself is home to some amazing variety of specifically American food that blows your mind. Some of it is available nationwide, others are very much a local speciality. From sea to shining sea and from the mountains to the prarie to the oceans white with foam, every part of the US comes with its own tasty wonders. Like Creole food from Louisiana or clam chowder and lobster roll from New England and of course all the native American food like fried green tomatoes.

The beautiful wild coastline of Maine

Don’t forget: While the 4th of july is all about independence, food is and should always be the exception. It doesn’t like to be independent. Therefore, don’t be cruel, eat lots of it together. Food gets lonely in your stomach, if you don’t allow several dishes to hang out there in groups.

Magical Jenness beach in New Hampshire


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