5 tasty recipes with Alfredo sauce


I’m Alfredo I am rather hungry

It’s fall y’all, time for some soul food. Nothing feels better after a long walk through the countryside with your face being kissed be the gentle autumn sun, your body wrapped in a warm coat and your feet shuffeling through the fallen leaves. If you are game, then Alfredo is your man.

The beauty of Alfredo sauce is that it is a fairly simple recipe, but so tasty. It’s a warm culinary embrace on a cold day. An edible hug on a plate. It’s the food equivalent to cozy mittens. Besides, I actually have to say the best part is that you can literally incorporate it into almost any dish you can think of – from pizza to lasagna. I hope these 5 recipes with Alfredo sauce below bring you as much joy as they bring me.

Delicious recipes with Alfredo sauce

Fettuccini Alfredo

Spoil your taste buts to the max. Do it regrets free as the recipe includes a “skinny” version as well.

Philly cheese steak pizza with Alfredo sauce

Turning a sandwich into a pizza thanks to creamy Alfredo sauce.

Chicken Alfredo Pizza Ring

A wild mix of dishes all rolled into one: pizza, rotisserie chicken, bacon all with Alfredo sauce.

Chicken Alfredo and broccoli lasagna rolls

Is lasagna really just oversized fettucini or are fettucini miniture lasagna plates? Only one way to find out.

Zoodles with bacon Alfredo sauce

How about regrets free soul food? This tasty dinner’s got you covered and throws in some extra bacon to make you extra happy.

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