About Mareike


Coziness afficionado. Mom-in-chief. Clumsy smurf. Elephant fanatic. Chocoholic.

Hi there. How are you?

Thank you for visiting my blog. I hope you enjoy the content and find great inspiration.

I am Mareike and my passion is making a house a home, where people feel welcome and enjoy great food. I drink my coffee with a straw. Why? It just somehow tastes better that way. My spirit animal is an elephant as I can be incredibly stubborn, just like the grey pachyderms. I love also their soft hearts and their great sense of family.

When I was a toddler, I had a cozy corner that I used to escape the world, relax and read. Nowadays I have exchanged that cozy corner with a hanging chair that I call a thinking bubble, since sitting in it allows me to daydream and letting my thoughts linger freely.

This thinking bubble a.k.a. the literal cozy corner is the birth place of many articles you will find on this blog – the digital cozy corner. They are fueled by my passion for writing and creating tasty food, since I love baking and cooking and consider this my personal excersise of mindfulness to spend time in the kitchen.

I like to laugh and laugh often, particularily if it’s a bad d(e)ad joke. My life motto is “Love yourself fiercely and treat yourself (and others) kindly”. This translates to eating and living healthy, while enjoying the tasty side of life.‍

I currently live in Cologne, Germany with my German-American family and all the joys and challenges that come from being a bilingual tiny tribe and parenting a very active little daughter.

Ever since I became a mom, I wanted to support other Moms-in-Chief like myself by sharing what I learned on my journey of being a parent, since the mother hood is the best hood to live in, if you trust yourself and do what feels right for your family, not others. I strongly believe in believing in yourself and your intrinsic abilities when it comes to mommying (or daddying for that matter). So anything you read about parenting has an imaginary sticker attached to it which reads “Don’t worry, you got this!”.

Random list of things I like:

The longest journey you will make in your life is the one from your head to your heart.

Sioux proverb