About me


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Hi there. I am Mareike and I live in Cologne (Germany) with my family. My passion is making a house a home where people feel welcome in a cozy atmosphere and enjoy great food. Since 7 years, I am the German half of a German-American couple and in that capacity I regularily make American dishes that you can’t get in Germany, so that my partner gets to enjoy a taste from home. I originally started this blog to share my twist on those recipes as well as my healthy eating ideas, so others get to indulge. The food options you see are either truely my own or my personal twist. From being website dedicated to eating, cooking and baking, Mareike’s Cozy Corner expanded to other aspects of like parenting and tips for homemaking snd living, since making a place feel like home is not only defined by the food that is shared, but also by a feeling. For more on me follow me on Instagram.