About me

Hi there. I am Mareike and I live in Cologne, Germany. My passion is making a house a home where people feel welcome in a cozy atmosphere and enjoy great food. On my blog I share recipes that I love to bake or cook, parenting tips and my DIY homemaking ideas.

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I am the German half of a German-American couple and in that capacity I regularily try to make American dishes that you can’t get in Germany, so that my partner gets to enjoy a taste from home. So those meals and cakes will be included here. As well as my baking, smoothie and low-carb recipes. To counterbalance the healthy options, this blog also features my favorite soul food. Since we recently became parents of the cutest little girl on earth, I also share some hacks we learned since we prepared for her arrival and my ideas for homemaking. For more on me follow me on Instagram

I hope you enjoy my blog and I love to hear your feedback, so drop me an email anytime.