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Why mom’s health matters

When we become moms, it feels like our world is turned upside down. Suddenly there is a tiny human being that we love like we never loved someone before and who captures our attention every second of our awake hours – correction: of all our hours (whether we are awake or asleep).

While we depart into the excting journey of motherhood it is very important to always remember: YOU matter too! There is nothing selfish about also giving yourself some attention. YOU and your needs didn’t suddenly disappear, the “only” thing that is changed is that fact that this YOU is now also a mom.

I strongly believe that in order to be a great mothers, we also need to allow room for self care and make mom’s health as much a priority as your childrens well-being. Whether that is with regards to regaining strength after giving birth, finding moments to relax our body and mind or whether it is to pause our racing minds from occupying us with worries about our mini-me and their well-being.

YOU, my dear mom, are most likely doing a great job at mommying, however you choose to approach that. Trust your intuition, silence the outside noise and allow yourself some space in your mind and in your day that focuses on mom care and thus on mom’s health. This means both the physical and mental health.

Never forgot to love yourself fiercely and treat yourself kindly. These are two of the most important things you can do to achieve wellbeing and happiness. It all starts and ends with YOU. Especially so as most of us lead busy lifes that seem more about the ability to multitask and going at an ever faster speed.

We forget to pause and do things that serve no greater purpose other than saying “You deserve this”. All strength in life ultimately needs to come from within to be sustainable. We are however only capable of radiating this inner strength, if we allow for pampering ourselfs and doing this that are all about our personal wellbeing.

I strongly believe that healthy moms lead to kids with healthy self-esteems. Even if that means taking a few minutes of attention away from your beloved tiny tribe to focus on mom’s health. Those minutes will allow you to recharge and teach your kids a very important lesson. And no, it’s not “mom has no time for me”. It’s “mom loves herself, because she matters to herself”. Which will show your kid how important self-love really is and hopefully develop a great deal of self-love for themselves.

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