Great food nourishes your body and soul.

Hi, I’m Mareike and I love baking and cooking. I also love eating, which is a happy coincidence. I hope you enjoy the recipes on this blog as much as I do and find great inspiritation for future meals and treats on here.

Truly christmas-y eggnog cupcakes

An eggcellent treat for the christmas season or just because it snows outside. Eggnog cupcakes are just the most heavenly treat, both with and without alcohol.

Eleven helpful baking hacks

Boost your kitchen magic skills to the next level with these eleven helpful baking hacks into your routine to create tasty sweet treats or hearty baked goodies.

Double hazelnut muffins

Double hazelnut muffins with their sweet hazelnut filling are the perfect sweet treat for a picnic or a cozy afternoon with a book in your cozy corner.


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