Relaxed parenting


Your journey to relaxed parenting and creating the family you envision…

When a child is born, it’s not only the birthday of a baby, it is also the birthday of a new you: you are all of a sudden someone’s mom or someone’s dad. It’s both one of the most rewarding and one of the most intimidating journeys you can possibly embark to in your lifetime. Which is why it is crucial to find a relaxed parenting approach that works for you and your family.

Pregnancy is a big rite of passage, from the second a little life is created to the moment a baby is born. As any transition period it is full of moments of doubt on whether you are doing alright, if you are doing enough or too much, if everything will be okay. At the same time, when you hold your baby for the very first time it’s a moment of eternal clarity. It all makes sense and it makes everything right. Time stops, but then what?

The overall theme of all you can read on this blog about living with your tiny tribe aims for unlocking a hands-on, relaxed parenting approach. Navigating the sheer endless and dense jungle of all things “baby” is challenging. This blog therefore offers a broad range of support, from easy checklist of the essentials you really need (and sometimes more important: what you don’t need), recommendations on how to approach certain aspects of parenthood and genereally recommendations for life with your baby. Also check out my mom’s health content on self care for moms.

Most importantly though: what works for one parent, might not feel right for another. You do you. No where does this matter more than when it comes to being a mom or dad. And that’s okay. Cut yourself some slack. That’s why I love sharing my experiences on this blog, but always with the idea in the background that this should be a source of inspiration for you, not a definitive route to heaven. Relaxed parenting as far as I am concerned is following what your heart tells you.

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