Great food nourishes your body and soul.

Food keeps us alive. Both physically and emotionally. It reminds us of home, makes us feel welcome and let’s us know that we belong. It makes us happy and lifts our spirits. It takes the edge off or reenergizes us. Food is life.

I hope you enjoy the recipes on this blog as much as I do and find great inspiritation for future meals and treats on here.

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Baileys Colada

“If you like piña colada and getting caught in the rain…” then this delicious baileys colada is exactly the right summer cocktail you are looking for.

low-carb cheesecake with zebra stripes

Low-carb cheesecake with zebra stripes

It’s creamy, tasty, rich in protein and not stuffed with sugar, but still sweet. Low-carb cheesecake with zebra stripes is a fun and healthy dessert treat.

pull-apart pizza sticks by Mareike's Cozy Corner

Pull-apart pizza sticks – The soul food jackpot

Pull-apart pizza sticks are living proof that pizza is full of innovation potential. A crunchy crust meets a soft cheesy filling, just like we love it with traditional pizza. Just upside down.

Mini zucchini pizza – Super speedy healthy soul food

With only 15 minutes preparation, mini zucchini pizza is the super speed option amongst healthy dinners. That’s why I have a pizza crush on those goodies.

garlic lemon chicken recipe by Mareike's Cozy Corner

Tender oven-baked garlic lemon chicken – Fork yeah!

It’s a vitamin C injection on a fork. Garlic lemon chicken is one of those nutrient loaded dinners that remind you of summer from the very first to the last bite.

Buffalo chicken bites with homemade buffalo sauce and chunky blue cheese dressing

Chunky blue cheese dressing – Indulgence on a spoon

Chunky blue cheese dressing is indulgence on a spoon. Creamy, tangy and the perfect companion for your Buffalo wings requiring only 5 minutes preparation time.

Greek chickpea salad

Uplifting Greek chickpea salad with tzatziki dressing

The perfect salad balances healthy ingredients and great taste. This Greek chickpea salad is all that! A healthy yet filling, creamy yet light summer dish.

9 great ways to cope with COVID anxiety as a parent

Eight simple powerful tips for busy working moms on how to cope with COVID anxiety and release stress and tension during a trying time for mental health.

French Onion Dip

French Onion Dip – Ignite the flavors

Cream cheese based French onion dip recipe that requires only ten minutes preparation time, but provides you with infinite happiness for your taste buds.

sweet potato hash browns

Extra yummy sweet potato hash browns

Quick and easy recipe for sweet potato hash browns to kick off your day or to serve as a tasty side dish.

sesame peanut noodles

Super creamy sesame peanut noodles

Not only are sesame peanut noodles super creamy, they are also a healthy protein bomb and a great vegetarian dinner option.

15 cooking hacks - image by RitaE on Pixabay

15 smart cooking hacks to make cooking fun and easy

15 smart and useful cooking hacks to make cooking less messy, help you save a dish or just in general make things easier.

Taco peppers

Light low-carb stuffed taco peppers

Let’s taco’bout these amazing stuffed taco peppers! A low-carb take on taco tuesday and a healthy weekday dinner option that tastes like soul food.

Southern biscuits with cheddar and bacon

Ultimate Southern biscuits with cheddar and bacon

Buttery and flaky, these Southern biscuits with cheddar and bacon embrace the coziness of a perfect Sunday morning at home

Recipe for super easy spinach muffins with cheese

Super easy cheesy spinach muffins

Healthy spinach meets earthy Swiss cheese in 12 tasty savory spinach muffins. These baked goodies are proof that muffins don’t have to be sweet to be perfect.

Broccoli fitness salad

Protein rich broccoli fitness salad

The kind of salad your life needs right now Pens and notepads out or hit that shortcut button. This broccoli fitness salad needs to be on your weekday dinner routine…

Grilled cheeseburger sandwiches

Super bowl grilled cheeseburger sandwiches

This super bowl make grilled cheeseburger sandwiches your game snack – an amazing fusion of grilled cheese and burgers. The whole 9 yards of tasty soul food.

lemon couscous

Light lemon couscous with cilantro

Rich in vitamin C, lemon couscous will give your taste buds a zesty treat. It only requires 5 minutes of preparation and is great as a light lunch or side dish.

homemade classic lasagna

Discover 4 delicious ways to make lasagna

Discover 4 different tasty ways to enjoy an amazing dish of lasagna, from the classic version to creative varieties including a healthy low-carb version.

Delicious goat cheese focaccia with sundried tomatoes and olives

Focaccia is an Italian flat-bread with all sorts of tasty toppings. This mediterranean flavored goat cheese focaccia uses sundried tomatoes and olives.

homemade hair mask to fight dry winter hair, Image by Free-Photos on Pixabay

A deep homemade hair mask to fight dry winter hair

Highly effective and rich deep hair mask to fight dry winter hair that you can make at home in a couple of minutes that moisturizes and nourishes your hair.

white chicken lasagna with Alfredo sauce

Heavenly white chicken lasagna with Alfredo sauce

This white chicken lasagna with Alfredo sauce cradles every nook and cranny. Like many Italian-American dishes, it’s an ultimate soul food sunday choice.

pecan pie recipe

Pecan pie: Truly a taste of the American South

Pecan, a Southern native, is the key ingredient to pecan pie, a true taste of the American South and an absolutely delicious winter treat, but also year-round.

recipe for candy cane cookies

Delicious candy cane cookies for christmas

Have yourself a merry Christmas with tasty candy cane cookies by turning candy canes into a buttery vanilla christmas cookies, giving the season some extra sparkle.


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